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Norman NEXT

Norman NEXT is an organization for young professionals, 21-40 years of age, working or living in Norman, OK.

NEXT’s mission is to develop the next generation of leaders for Norman by creating a connected, active and engaged community of young professionals. Through leadership, mentoring, networking and volunteerism, Norman NEXT cultivates and inspires young professionals to BE A POSITIVE agent of change for Norman.

Through its five teams, Government Relations, Special Events, Community Activism and Membership Development, Norman NEXT provides different avenues for young professionals to take an active role in making a positive impact in the community.

Norman NEXT is a program of the Norman Chamber of Commerce.

Norman NEXT:

  • Cultivates future leaders through the NEXT Generational Leadership mentorship program
  • Serves our community’s needs by volunteering with local social service agencies
  • Strives to provide opportunities to keep the best and brightest in Norman
  • Develops young professionals into better employees for Norman’s businesses
  • Helps young entrepreneurs locate resources to start their own businesses in Norman
  • Connects young professionals to each other and local business leaders through social networking
  • Helps establish business contacts for future generations in Norman
  • Provides a platform for discussion and a voice for young professionals on important city and government issues
  • Creates a way for young professionals to get involved in the community through a variety of avenues
  • has fun while doing it all!

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