Greenovation Committee

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Greenovation Committee

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Meets every first Tuesday
of the month from 11:30am-1:00pm

Chamber of Commerce
115 E. Gray St.
Staff: Kayla Brandt


Being green is good for your bottom line. Customers reward businesses who are making an effort to establish green practices in their daily operations. This recognition program will help you market and promote your efforts. By participating, you should recognize savings on many of your expenses, and grow your revenue.  So it’s good from the top to the bottom (line)!

The Green Sticker is to be placed on any door or window and is designed to complement your Norman Chamber Member sticker. If you need a sticker for your business, contact Kayla Brandt at 321-7260 or

There are six Greenovation categories: Solid Waste Reduction, Eco-Friendly Products, Eco-Friendly Transportation, Energy Use Reduction, Water Conservation and Recycling & Supply Reuse. The information sheet (linked below) provides you with a few examples of how you can take steps to green your business within each category.

Each month the Greenovation Committee will review all submissions and award footprints. The committee will evaluate requests based upon two criteria:
1.  You must show a company-wide commitment to the green step;
2.  You must include at least two steps you have taken within each category.

Recycling Resources

Greenovation Committee Goals

  • Continue to promote Green Sticker program
  • Communicate and collaborate with city on green issues/events
  • Promote green meetings within the city of Norman and metro area
  • Recruit a representative from schools (NPS, OU and MNTC)
  • Hold series of green open houses at local businesses
  • Continue promotion of Business Recycling
  • List resources on Chamber website