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Sooner Centurions

The Sooner Centurions program provides private funding for the Norman Economic Development Coalition.

Sooner Centurions are business leaders, government officials and members of community organizations. These private sponsors provide the Norman Chamber of Commerce’s portion of funding for the Norman Economic Development Coalition (NEDC). Founded in 1996 as a committee of the Chamber of Commerce, the Sooner Centurions are actively involved in the Norman community and play a vital role in making decisions and helping businesses to grow through their support of NEDC.

Members of the Sooner Centurions are invited to attend four events each year hosted by NEDC, which typically includes an annual meeting with special guest speakers following NEDC’s Economic Summit, briefing luncheons, networking events, and tours of Norman’s newest employers or facilities.

Chair: Chuck Thompson, Armstrong Bank

Staff: Melissa Peterson

About NEDC

Founded in 1996, the NEDC is a joint effort of the University of Oklahoma, the City of Norman, Moore Norman Technology Center and the Norman Chamber of Commerce Sooner Centurions. NEDC is dedicated to expanding the economic base of the Norman community, enhancing the earning opportunities of area residents by retaining and expanding existing business and industry, as well as attracting desirable new employers that are consistent with Norman’s high quality of life.

Become a Sooner Centurion

By becoming a Sooner Centurion you join a distinguished group of individual committed to the economic success of the Norman community. The cost of your membership is $1,200 per year and it can be paid annually, semi-annually or by monthly bank draft through the Chamber of Commerce.