Weather Committee

Government Affairs

Weather Committee

Meets on third Tuesday of each month
National Weather Service
120 David L. Boren Blvd.
Co-Chairs: Deidra Peters, Republic Bank & Trust and Patrick Hyland, National Weather Center
Staff: Erica Millar

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Weather Committee Goals

  • Provide leadership within the Norman weather community via regular meetings that serve as a crossroads for all stakeholders.
  • Educate Norman residents and the State’s citizenry regarding the weather enterprise and ways in which it contributes to economic growth and improves quality of life.
  • Continue promoting creation of the National Weather Museum and Science Center in Norman
  • Continue sponsoring and helping organize the National Weather Festival.
  • Encourage participation of non-meteorology professionals on the Chamber Weather Committee and increase the participation of graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines.

National Weather Festival info here

Job Shadow Initiative

Goal: To expand the job shadow opportunity for Cleveland County high school students throughout the Norman Weather Community.

Job Shadowing helps students make the classroom-career connection!

Potential meteorology jobs to shadow include forecasters, weather researchers, technicians, video production, and public relations.

Norman Weather Community Businesses:
Does your business or agency want to participate in the Job Shadow Initiative? To get started, please contact Jeff Peters. Thank you!

Cleveland County High Schools:
- Are you a principal, counselor, or teacher in Cleveland County, and want to provide a job shadowing opportunity for your students?

Please send the following information to Andrea Melvin,

  • Name of high school
  • Name of high school counselor and principal
  • Counselor’s email address and phone number
  • If known, the number of students interested in job shadowing

Are you a high school student in Cleveland County who wants to job shadow in a meteorology career?  Please contact your school counselor and have them provide the above list of contact information to Andrea Melvin,