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Studies show that for every dollar spent at a locally-owned business, 68-percent stays in the local economy. 

Video created by the City of Norman

#ShopNorman first! You will be surprised by the diversity and quality of items you will find at locally owned stores. Local stores spend a lot of time and effort to find things that you don’t see at the larger chain stores.

You’ve seen the statistics above. You know that your Norman sales tax dollars help provide basic safety services and improve quality of life. But shopping Norman also means you help ensure that your favorite locally-owned boutique that carries unique one-of-a kind goods can keep their doors open for another year. 

“Locally-owned businesses support the local economy,” Mike Thompson, owner of Thompson Pool & Patio said. "They employ a wide variety of support services. They hire employees to help run the business but it goes way beyond that. They hire architects and designers, cabinet shops, sign makers and construction workers. Additionally, opportunities abound for accountants, insurance brokers, IT consultants, attorneys, advertising, and a myriad of support systems. Many of you either are one of these people or know one. It turns out to be a rather symbiotic relationship that we all have.”

The Norman Chamber of Commerce encourages residents to #ShopNorman today and every day!