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Chamber Members to Update Business Information

on March 20, 2019

Hey Chamber member! Do you want your business listing to be CORRECT in our next membership directory?

On Monday, March 11, the Chamber sent a Verification Form via email out to all primary Chamber member representatives requesting you to review/update/correct your contact information, business category listing(s), company representatives list, and which representative is your "Primary" representative (listed as "P" under Attributes).

To update your information, you simply hit "Reply" on the email you received from us, make your changes to the form that's in the body of that email, and send it back to us. If you would like to update your information online through our website, you will need your member login information. If you don't have that, please give us a call. We ask that if you do make your changes online to let us know.

We must have all your changes/corrections completed by March 29 to meet our magazine print deadlines.

PLEASE NOTE: The Primary representative is the ONLY rep that is listed in the Norman Inc. Magazine, our yearly printed membership directory. Also, your company will ONLY be listed under your first business category listing, so be sure that the first category you choose is the best representation of your business.

If you are the main representative at your business and did NOT receive a verification form from the Chamber, or you have any problems updating your information, please call us at (405) 321-7260 or email us at