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What You Should Know 2.0: Elected Leaders and Economic Development

National League of Cities on May 18, 2017

"Effective economic development demands informed leadership from local elected leaders. Economic development is the process of building strong, adaptive and equitable
local economies. What constitutes success in economic development and the specific strategies to accomplish it will undoubtedly look different from place to place. Yet despite these differences, leadership is consistently identified as a critical factor in advancing local economic development.

Dedicated leadership from local elected officials helps develop a common vision, motivate stakeholders into action, and move vital projects forward. Although leadership can come from many places within the community, local elected officials are particularly well positioned to take on this role. The political influence of elected leadership is critical to helping communities stay the course toward a vibrant economic future. 

What You Should Know 2.0: Elected Leaders and Economic Development is published in partnership with International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and is an update to the 2010 guide, 10 Things You Should Know: The Role of Elected Officials in Economic Development.

This report discusses the context and key functions of local economic development, and also provides foundational information about funding sources, measuring outcomes and achieving greater economic equity in cities. Additionally, this report identifies specific roles elected officials can take to become well-informed leaders and strategic decision-makers for effective local economic development."

The full report can be found here.