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International Pantry Spring Cooking Classes

on January 23, 2017

International Pantry Spring Cooking Classes
The internationl pantry released its spring 2017 cooking class list. To book a class call the international pantry at 360-0765.

Observation Class Schedule 6:30 pm
$45 per person per class

Monday, February 6th Andrew March “The Art of Making Candy”

Join Andrew Marsh, a baking and pastry chef trained at the Culinary Institute of America, as he teaches you to create the famous “Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy”, toffee, truffles, and gourmet strawberries! We only have one class, so seats are sure to fill quickly!

Monday, February 20th Ahmad Farnia "Spanish Tapas"

Join Ahmad Farnia, General Manager at the OKC Museum of Art Cafe as he shows you how to make the most out of a menu full of tapas. His flavors are unbeatable, so make sure you sign up as his classes fill quickly.

Tuesday, February 21st Ben Spears “Spring at Legend’s: Part I”

Ben Spears, executive chef at Legend’s Restaurant, will prepare a flavorful Spring meal including: grilled pork loin with apple champagne sauce, candied capers, and roasted potatoes plus more!

Wednesday, March 1st Bill Forster “Spring Dinner Party”

Join private chef Bill Forster as he prepares an elegant menu featuring roasted eggplant and red bell pepper soup, pan seared salmon with asparagus purée, followed by Rustic apple and walnut tarts with cinnamon creme anglaise. This class is sure to please!

Monday, March 6th Stephanie Sarantakos “Spring Recipes for Quick Entertaining”

Food and Beverage Coordinator at The Trails Golf and Country Club, Stephanie Sarantakos will prepare delicious recipes that can be done quickly, but will impress every guest!  Menu includes: Asparagus soup with lemon-herb crème fraiche; roasted chickens with black pepper maple glaze; Spring peas with new potatoes and herbs; flakey strawberry-rhubarb galette.

Tuesday, March 7th Ahmad Farnia "Burgundy France"

The French are known for their delectable cuisine. Ahmad Farnia will show you exactly what the Burgundy region is all about!

Monday, March 20th Stephanie McElhaney “New Winter Comfort Foods”

Join private chef and owner of Kitchen No. 4, Chef Stephanie McElhaney as she creates a menu full of items that are sure to make it on your list of comfort foods.  Menu will feature: creamy cauliflower pear soup, braised beef short ribs, cheesy polenta, and garlic wilted spinach, and creme brulee.

Tuesday, March 21st Ahmad Farnia "Burgundy France"

This is a repeat of Ahmad's Tuesday, March 21st class.

Wednesday, March 22nd Amy Prince “Asian Inspiration”

Amy Prince of the Abbey Road Catering will tantalize your taste buds with uniquely Asian flavors. The menu will consist of: mango & herb salad rolls; Asian noodle salad with soy & ginger dressing; chicken teriyaki satay; tropical parfait sundae.

Tuesday, March 28th Sandy Brickman “Fire-Roasted Mexican”

Caterer and one of the international pantry’s own, Sandy Brickman will prepare a seasonal green salad; roasted poblano chipotle meatball “sub”; trio of salsas; creamy Mexican corn; Coeur la Crème with berry coulis for dessert.

Tuesday, April 4th Ahmad Farnia "India"

India can be daunting for those who like to cook. The flavors are powerful and full of intrigue for those wishing to try it. Come experience the taste of India with Ahmad Farnia.

Tuesday, April 11th Ben Spears “Spring at Legend’s: Part II”

Ben Spears, executive chef at Legend’s Restaurant will treat you to a rustic gazpacho and steamed shrimp, Spring garden salad with citrus vinaigrette, and braised chicken thighs plus a surprise side!

Wednesday, April 12th Bill Forster “Easter Dinner”

Join private chef Bill Forster as he shows you how to make an elegant Easter dinner that the whole family will love. This menu will feature: watercress and beet salad; spicy pork tenderloin with four cheese tortellini; and pecan tassie.

Monday, April 17th Ahmad Farnia "India"

This is a repeat of Ahmad's Monday, April 4th class.

Tuesday, April 18th Sandy Brickman “Just Fruits and Veggies”

Caterer and one of the international pantry’s own, Sandy Brickman will create a glorious Spring menu featuring: cold honeydew soup with crème fraiche; braised fennel bulbs; sun-dried tomato cauliflower “rice”; ratatouille; ending with berry crepes with a vanilla bean pastry cream.

Wednesday, April 26th Amy Prince “Sear, Roast, & Bake”

Amy Prince of the Abbey Road Catering will end our cooking class season on a high note with this class! Enjoy a menu featuring; simple kale salad; pan-seared pork tenderloin; golden roasted potatoes; roasted vegetable mélange; rustic fruit crostata with crème anglaise.

Tuesday, May 2nd Ahmad Farnia "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza"

Join Ahmad as he shows you more flavors you have never tasted before!

Wednesday, May 3rd Ahmad Farnia "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza"

This is a repeat of Ahmad's Tuesday, May 2nd class.


Hands-On Class Schedule
(hands on classes are limited to 8 spaces) 

Saturday, March 11th Denise Onorati “Gnocchi” $75  @  11am:

Denise Onorati, chef and one of the international pantry’s own, will walk you through the steps to make the often-intimidating gnocchi. She will teach the classic gnocchi and two complementary sauces; browned butter and creamy pesto.

Saturday, March 25th Denise Onorati “Spring Rolls” $75 @ 11am:

Learn the art of the perfect spring roll. This class will feature two different versions of a spring roll consisting of a baked spring roll and a fresh shrimp spring roll as well as dipping sauces.

Saturday, April 22nd Denise Onorati “Crepes” $75

Who doesn’t love a good crepe? Whether sweet or savory is your preference, this class has you covered. Learn to make a smoked salmon crepe, fruit crepes, and a sweet crepe.