35 South Project


35 South Project

The "35 South Project" is designed to keep Norman-to-OKC commuters in contact with what’s happening in Norman.

"There are many who travel to the OKC area for work every day but call Norman home," said Norman Chamber's President and CEO. "They are committed to the goals of the Chamber, they want a community they can continue to raise their family in, but often they are disconnected from the day to day activities and issues of our city."

The Chamber is looking for anyone who lives in Norman and commutes to the OKC area. There is no exclusivity to this project; anyone from young professionals to seasoned veterans in business are asked to share their desire to be included.

"These leaders can be great ambassadors for our city and we need their involvement to help make our Norman the most dynamic, cutting edge city in Oklahoma," said our President and CEO. "I’m excited to announce the formation of the 35 South Project - a ground breaking opportunity for the Chamber and our partners to reach out to these commuters where they work and keep them up to date on what is happening in Norman."

If you are an OKC area commuter or know one, please email your contact information to Kayla Brandt at kayla@normanchamber.com

Meets bi-annually or as needed
Oklahoma City
Staff: Kayla Brandt